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My name is Joost, but when I make music, I usually go by the moniker Launchable Socks. Mostly because I want the music, not the person, to take center stage, but also because I kinda just like the name.

As a musician I tend to create tracks that reflect childlike, yet serious characteristics, because I know being a kid can be serious business. I have always taken play very seriously, both when I was younger as well as later in life. Because play is make-believe, and I think that make-believe is a very important part of our daily lives. Whether it's on the playground, in fields like science or engineering, or in videogames or film, our capacity for make-believe shapes the world around us in a very real way.

Music and sound can play a very big role in that fantastical process, a role which I have been fascinated with since I was first swept away in the make-believe of video games, and which I have come to appreciate and respect more and more as I started to work on music and sound in games as well as animation and film.

On this site you can find a selection of my work as a sound designer and composer. All music and sound is done by me unless stated otherwise.

I've worked with/for (among others):

Liquid Flower Games
A Liquid Landscape
Sebas van den Brink
Lex Vesseur
Tollak Ollestad
June in December
Format Gava
Kim Janssen
Wishful Music
Eero Turkia

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